Carbon Detox show at AGM in June

We will be holding our AGM at 7.30 on June 10 at HG Wells Conference and Events centre. Map  here. No need to book in advance and entrance is free.

After a brief AGM George Marshall will be presenting his show

-a fast moving, highly entertaining one man show based on his acclaimed book, Carbon Detox.

He will challenge your assumptions and help you to find fresh ways to deal with climate change.

Why is climate change often so boring
Why do polar bears leave us cold
How have plastic bags became a fetish
How can a spin in a Ferrari fit into a low carbon future
Why can smokers teach us anything we need to know
What is it like to ride the climate roller coaster
How can we find joy and thrive in a climate change world
….and not a graph in sight!

Carbon Detox argues that we must stop thinking about ‘saving the planet’ and ‘giving things up’. Instead let’s adopt a light-carbon lifestyle because it is the only smart, fun, healthy and modern way to live in the 21st century.

George Marshall is one of the most entertaining and inspirational environmental public speakers in Britain. He is founder of the charity the Climate Outreach and Information Network and appears regularly in newspapers and on television and radio . He has 20 years’ experience in environmental research and campaigning and lives in Llanidloes.



Fantastic show. If you are scared this will turn it all around.
Lizzie Gillett, Film producer, McLibel: Two Worlds Collide.

Al Gore and Woody Allen wrapped in one…George Marshall has created the world’s first stand-up climate change routine. It is hilarious, and really challenged me to change the way I thought.
Roman Krznaric, The Oxford Muse

Witty, pithy, engaging and generous. George doesn’t tell you off, he doesn’t lecture you, he makes you want to do something about climate change. Go and hear him if you can. Excellent!
Rosemary Randall, Cambridge Carbon Footprint

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at a climate change show Rachel Howell-student

George helped me to see how to be cool over global warming Nigel Cooper – chaplain to Anglia Ruskin University

A refreshingly different and enjoyable approach Anne Miller author of ‘The Myth of the Mousetrap’

Entertaining, punchy, thought provoking Tim Nicholson- Head of sustainability- Grainger PLC

George Marshall laughs you into learning Kate Raworth- senior researcher, Oxfam

George was super entertaining and made climate change seem like something that’s actually to do with me- and I didn’t even daydream! Janine, Political Sciences Student, Cambridge