Vegetarian cookery demonstration in December

One of our members, Siu Wan Thomas, is a keen advocate of vegetarian cookery. She says that vegetarian cookery can be very tasty and nutritious, and wants to show people how easy it can be to make seasonally available vegetarian meals. Moving towards a vegetarian diet helps reduce our impact on our planet. Siu Wan says: “It uses much less energy, water and land and so is healthy to our planet.  It is also healthy to our bodies and minds and everyone can do it.

She has devised a number of sample recipes which are available for free here.

All of the recipes require less than 40 minutes in the kitchen and cater for a wide range of tastes.

She will also be giving a cookery demonstration at Oak Tree House at 7.30 on Wednesday 9 December  as part of our ‘Dreaming of a Green Christmas?’ series of events. For more details and to find out more about our other events see here.

Livestock contribute a considerable amount to greenhouse gases ( figures vary considerably so are not quoted here), through the emissions in their feedstock, and also in the case of beef and lamb, in the methane they emit as part of their digestive process. So, if you are interested in moving to a less carbon intensive lifestyle and saving on the emissions that you contribute to the earth’s atmosphere, then cutting down on the amount of meat you consume is a very sensible step.

How about having one meat free day a week to start with?

And why not come along  to the demonstration and find out more about how good vegetarian cookery can taste and how easy it is?