Woking- Transition Initiative? – follow up meeting Jan 27

Following the successful initial event held in September, Alexia, Jenny and I promised we would facilitate one follow up meeting for you to give you the opportunity to start discussing how you would like to organise yourselves.

We now have booked the Woodham Hall at Christ Church, Woking for 7.15om on Jan 27.

Based on  feedback from the September meeting, we are suggesting we structure the evening as follows:
1. More on the transition model: what the Transition Network suggests should be considered when establishing a group, how some other groups are doing it, and what would be involved in registering with Transition if this was desired
2. The second part of the evening will be over to you (though obviously we will offer you some facilitation support if you want us to).  We suggest that questions needing to be addressed would be:

  • Do you want to be a transition group?
  • What do you need to be thinking about to take the idea forward?
  • Where are your resources and how will you use them to best effect?
  • If you decide not to go the transition route, how will you progress the three project areas which were loosely established at the last meeting (Food, Transport and Getting the Word Out)?
  • How are these three project areas progressing – feedback from each?
  • What are the next steps? – meeting dates. locations, website, email address.

We do hope you will be able to come, and to bring a friend (or several friends!) with you to expand your group. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t come to the last meeting- the more people involved- the more opportunity to create change!

In the meantime, do look here before the meeting:
http://www.transitionnetwork.org/ The news and community tags take you in lots of useful and thought provoking directions which may stimulate your appetite.

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