Summary of Transition Woking meeting 27 Jan 2011‏

For those of you who want to, but have not yet connected into the Transition Woking Initiative I have copied their minutes below. This is a once off, until they have their own website.


Some of those not present at the meeting have requested a brief
summary, which I will set out below. however this is entirely from
(poor!) memory so please feel free to add anything I may have missed
by replying to this thread.

Alexia provided a further outline of the transition model including
what would be involved in registering with Transition if this was

General consensus was that we do want to become a Transition Town,
whether ‘official’ or not.

Raising Awareness group reported on progress.

Food group reported that a positive meeting was held in November.

Transport group reported that no action had been taken since the first
Transition Woking meeting in October.

Became clear that several ‘leaders’ (not necessarily in the strict
sense) are likely to be required to move Transition Woking forward.

Established the need for a website and a contact email address for new
(and existing) members.

Ian took on the task of administrator for central communications i.e.
Transition Woking emails. This subsequently evolved into
administrative responsibility for:
a new central email address (,
a new Google Group (
a new website (,
setting up the next food group meeting and proposing the next
Transition Woking meeting.

Possible dates for next meetings were mooted as early February for the
food group and late March for Transition Woking.

Possible venues for future meetings were discussed. Potential options
included pub function rooms, homes and community centres such as Oak
Tree House. Clare subsequently followed up on the latter and Oak Tree
House appears to be viable provided that Transition Woking obtains
insurance (volunteers needed to investigate this – see Clare’s email
of 28 Jan). Clare also stated that a tour of Oak Tree House can be

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