Woking’s Local Plan

Woking’s Local Plan is going through examination by an independent inspector.

The plan sets out policies for the growth of Woking for the next 15 years and, when adopted by the Council, will influence decisions on planning applications and the use of land throughout the Borough. It will also form the basis for any neighbourhood plans that communities within the Borough wish to prepare.

LA21 made representations on the draft plan during the recent consultation process, asking for improvements to be made regarding environmental impacts.  We are concerned that the plan advocates economic growth without sufficient attention being given to the consequences.  LA21 wants Woking to develop in a way that means we use less of the planet’s resources, and we make an effective response to meeting the threat of climate change.  Our overall aim is to safeguard and improve our quality of life.

The examination of the new Local Plan starts with public hearings from 20 March 2012 onwards at the Council offices. LA21 will be represented.

More details on the local plan can be found on the Woking2027 web site

If you have any views on the Local Plan, please let us know through the Contact Form