Jordani women get life-changing skills – as solar engineers

‘Solar Mama’ – A Film About Jordan’s Solar Women

‘Rafea – Solar Mama’ marks a young mother’s battle to bring solar power to her village in the deserts of Jordan

Rafea is 30 years old with four children and a husband who is eager to take a third wife. She is a Bedouin woman living in a small Jordanian village close to the desert. With encouragement from the country’s Ministry of Environment, she leaves her village for the first time to go to the Barefoot College in India to train to become a solar-energy engineer.

The Barefoot College in India was founded by Bunker Roy to provide knowledge and training to the rural poor to empower them to make their communities self-reliant and sustainable. The solar course at Barefoot College has women from Kenya, Burkina Faso, Columbia, and Guatemala.

And now Rafea from Jordan. She is the first Jordanian woman ever to attend such a program, and she dreams of returning to bring much-needed income and talents to support her family and village.

(Inspirational) film trailer here

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  1. I know it’s a bit late in the day but I just wanted to thank whoever posted this. The film was inspirational and people might be interested to know that there is a fascinating film that reveals more about the philosophy of the Barefoot College in a fascinating conversation with its founder Bunker Roy and the Dalai Lama – if you need a break after all the festivity I warmly recommend it – .

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