CHASING ICE film 10 April 2013

WOKING LA21 and TRANSITION WOKING are showing the Oscar nominated documentary CHASING ICE at 7.30 on 10 April, in the Woking Borough Council Chamber


CHASING ICE tells the story of acclaimed wildlife photographer James Balog’s mission to capture visual evidence of the effect of climate change on ice.

Watch a short clip here

Balog openly admits he used to be sceptical about climate change: however, his viewpoint changed dramatically when learning about ice core research. Finding it difficult to connect with scientific number crunching, he set out to use his photographic skills to capture tangible proof of the devastating effects our carbon powered society is having on the environment.

Orlowski’s documentary follows Balog as he set about positioning numerous static cameras around the glaciers of Alaska, Iceland and Greenland using revolutionary time-lapse photography to capture the true extent of the glacier recession.

Capturing the never-ending variations and beauty of the ice, Balog points up the fragility of nature while reminding us of its awe-inspiring scope and majesty. By combining sumptuous visuals with a profoundly devastating message about the changing face of the earth he’s made a truly effective documentary which doesn’t patronise or blind the audience with science.

BBFC Certificate: 12A, run time 76 minutes

Free entrance, donations welcome.

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