Trashed Film Night

We held a screening of Trashed last night in the Woking Borough Council Chamber.  Unfortuantely we had a medical emergency just after the end of the film and the evening was called to an abrupt end.  We wish the member of the audience well and hope he has a full and speedy recovery.

We are investigating another film to highlight the the issues of waste in a UK light that can be shown before the AGM  (The AGM will be held in the HG Wells Centre on 25th September 2013).  We will have the opportunity to question Mark from WBC Waste Services.

There were some questions that we can develop with further work:

Can we make Woking residents and visitors legally obliged to recycle in the same way as San Fransisco has?

Can we make Woking a plastic bag free town?

The Trashed website has a number of links to organisations mentioned in the film such as:

5 Gyres –

My Zero Waste –

Unpackaged (the shop with no packaging!) –

more can be found at

In future we may look at other venues but we will try and increase the publicity campaign.

Comments on AirCon and microphones have been noted!

Ed Brooks/LA21

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