Film update

The film Trashed was well received with a good sized audience, which generated some powerful comments, such as:-

Went to see the film “Trashed” at LA21 last night. Truly shocking. The legacy of landfills, incinerators, huge open dumps of our household and commercial waste along coastlines and next to rivers – Lebanon, Indonesia, China, India, etc – badly administered landfills and incinerators in the UK, USA, Norway, i.e. across the developed world. All ending up with toxic pollution of our rivers, the seas, our drinking water, the food chain. “Plastic Shores” and more. The failures (presumably under political pressure) of the organisations set up to monitor and enforce legal standards – like the EA in this country. The cocktail of chemicals we and all other creatures have in our bodies, concentrated in the foetus every time we have young. The ongoing tragedy in Vietnam still being visited on newborn babies there since the Americans dumped agent orange (dioxin related) back in the 70’s. Terrible, incurable deformities. No mention of Bophal. And still the GDP growth, development juggernaut accelerates downward in a vicious spiral. John B, Guildford.

We will try to continue this regular film night, so please suggest titles you think would be appropriate. A possible could be one on Bees?


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