Waste in Woking

Here are some answers to questions raised at Trashed film night.  Thanks to Mark Tabener for digging around.

What percentage of material taken to CRC’s is reused rather than recycled: 1.55% or 2021 tonnes of material is reused rather than recycled. This includes bric-a-brac, textiles, books, cds, mobile phones, spectacles and print cartridges.

Construction wastes – how is it dealt with?: Rubble and soil is processed at a site at Runfold and is used in engineering works at Runfold landfill site or in offsite construction projects (highways or housing).

What does Woking do with Plastic bags?: SCC send over 80% of waste it cannot recycle to Energy from Waste facilities, so most plastic bags are used to produce energy. The remainder unfortunately still go to landfill. At Surrey’s recycling centres, less than 10% of the 130,000 tonnes collected each year goes to landfill.

Comment:  is it time to go plastic bag free in Woking?

also  – should we lobby the council so it becomes a statutory requirement for residents and visitors to recycle?

Ed Brooks

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