AGM 2013 – A very successful event!

Thanks to all of you who contribued and attended the AGM on the 25th of September.  We had an audience of over 100 in the HG Wells Centre who were treated to  enlightening presentations on sustainability in construction from Richard Bartlett of Wilmott Dixon who built the WWF Living Plant Centre; and Anthony Field of WWF who described the work of WWF and some of the projects he is currently involved in such as the campaign to stop oil exploration in the Virunga National Park on the Congo – Uganda border.

We are grateful that Richard and Anthony were able to give up their time to come and speak to us all and that we will be able to foster a long running relationship with both organisations.

Thank you also to the audience who ventured out and saw what Woking LA21 is all about.  Hopefully we have inspired at least some of you to get involved and spread the word amongs friends and neighbours.

As an organisation we are looking to the future and need members new and old to get involved in projects from biodiversity to carbon reduction.  We have a valuable relationship with Woking Borough Council and we were pleased to see a number of councillors present at the AGM.  Together we can take action and shout loudly about sustainability  in order to raise awareness and inspire others to change their behaviour and the behaviour of those around them.  We hope to build on the success of AGM 2013 and increase the profile of Woking LA21 in Woking.

Edward Brooks

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