Community Food Directory Project

Community Food Directory Project

We are pleased to announce that LA21 have another new project up and running – a Community Food Directory Project
At recent LA21 meetings, the steering group have agreed on the following ideas:
• A web-based directory (WoLF) on an independent website – Woking Local and Organic Food. We have accepted the quotation from Big Barn CIC for a triple branded website, LA21, WBC and Big Barn. WBC have generously offered to fund this. This will be supported by flyers widely distributed, e.g. in the new Woking Market and Food Festival Sept. 2014
• A promotional quiz …. Where’s the nearest XX to Woking?
• An open evening for food producers and retailers as part of website launch
• Link with canvas bag idea – Community Food Directory website printed on it
• Site kept up to date by asking producers and retailers to update it themselves
• Flag organic and Fairtrade wherever possible in the directory, using symbols also Vegan, gluten-free, etc.

Why are we producing the directory?
To help Woking residents to choose foods:
• Which are produced as locally as possible
• That are not transported long distances, so have lower carbon emissions
(“Eating locally-produced food helps to cut food miles – the distance that food travels from its source to your plate. This means a reduction in the need for road and air transport, with all its associated pollution and CO2 emissions which contribute to global warming.”)
• Where they will know where the food comes from
• Which may have less packaging
• “To help residents and visitors discover the gems that Surrey has to offer” (as in
• To help to build local food networks – links between local producers, consumers and retailers (to shorten the supply chain)
• To encourage local shops to stock local food
• To enable the Borough to become more self-sufficient and self-supporting (on Transition principles)
• To promote independent local businesses with ethical principles
• To start with a tight focus on Woking Borough then extend as resources allow

Under Jenny Griffiths’ leadership, a group of us are researching producers, eateries and retailers. We’re glad to have found that there are more than we thought and would welcome more people to get involved. So if you enjoy local beer, bakeries, beetroot, whatever, please contact Jenny to offer to join us. 01483 474240
There is an information sheet attached that we plan to show to the businesses we want to involve and proformas to collect the information on.

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