Guerilla Gardening – Incredible Edibles, Woking Needs You!


Old Woking
Volunteers at the Incredible Edible site in Old Woking.

Incredible Edibles sprang from a grassroots community scheme in England’s North in 2007 to connect people to what they eat but now boasts groups around the world and over 100 just in the UK, including several active groups in Surrey, which few residents have heard of.

Woking’s Incredible Edibles group has 15 metres of counter-level raised planters in a plot on Ryden’s Way for which it is seeking volunteers – if you can eat, you’re in!

Last year Norman (who oversees the gardening) produced an abundant crop of vegetables and fruit, most of which went into compost because nobody came to help themselves.

Ryden’s Way’s is very close to a primary school and college, both of which would welcome an assembly on connecting to food. Woking College also has extra-curricular classes in a range of environment-related subjects and the Duke Of Edinburgh Award Scheme which could generate a crop of new volunteers.

Everybody understands food, food can get people talking and even inspire them to take action. Whether it’s tiny herb gardens or community plots or reclaiming unused land, fruit and vegetable guerilla gardening is beginning to be seen around the country.

Incredible Edibles has already prepared the beds for planting and will be planting out seedlings during the next couple of months.

Norman would like anybody interested who could spare 10 minutes on their way somewhere to do some watering, help in any way, and in return please come back and help yourself when the plants you’ve tended have grown.

Incredible Edibles as a broad group aims to put people in touch with the food they eat, by growing it, often on reclaimed or unused public spaces – such as planting runner beans on a piece of ground around a bus stop and going back later to harvest them.

Children are welcome to get involved and the raised beds are fully wheelchair-accessible, there are no steps.

This year, Norman will be planting the usual vegetables as well as herbs and abundant strawberries.

Please do come in the summer and take what you need!

If you can lend a hand at all, Norman can be contacted on: 07761 221310.

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