Incredible Edibles talk 19th April – join in and connect with the food you eat

The perpetual motion machine otherwise known as Norman Johns is giving a talk and presentation on April 19th on the activities of Woking’s branch of the international Incredible Edibles at the next meeting of the Green Drinks group.

Green Drinks are regular meetings organised by Woking residents interested in living a more sustainable, earth-friendly life which often feature a guest speaker, to kick off a discussion.

Despite the name, Green Drinks involves neither alcohol, kale, nor spirulina.

Norman will be showing slides of last year’s Incredible Edibles’ fruit and vegetable growing and crops in a bid to get more people involved.

The small piece of land on Ryden’s Way in Woking has been noticed by local people but few realise it is there for them, to get involved and literally enjoy the fruits of their labour.

If you have even 10 minutes to spare watering, while on your way to somewhere else, Norman would love to hear from you and for you to come back and take what you need of the abundant strawberries and vegetables – if last year’s crop is anything to go by.

The next Green Drinks meeting is at 8 – 10pm at the Old Woking Community Centre , Sundridge Road, near to the Woking 6th Form College. Free parking is available.

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Beautiful blossom in Horsell, Woking.

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