LA21 provides prizes for Woking Seniors Tea Dance – charities working together

Woking Borough Council supports a large number of charities which are able to provide things which local government simply cannot after swingeing cuts to central government funding, and it seemed to me after months of volunteering, looking for ways to be useful, that some of these charities should work together. They have many aims in common, skills to share.

I did a photo shoot of a seniors tea dance in March at the HG Wells Centre and immediately started planning ways to link people together.

Step forward indefatigable Norman Jones, who immediately agreed to plant up some pots of useful things such as picking lettuce and herbs, for LA21 to give as raffle prizes for Dance Woking, the charity which organises these events.

I really didn’t see what use seniors would have for Starbucks vouchers, old prosecco or gourmet chocolate bars among the formerly sparse raffle prizes – the latter would surely be kept for the next passing grandchild.

The image of planted pots on a table shows Norman’s effort and a few of my own to boost the number. They look great, don’t they?

Dance Woking sold all the raffle tickets they had this time. This has never happened before. The money raised goes to fund more dances, hopefully they won’t ever have to buy cakes from Costco again.

There were a few under 40s there, who found ballroom dancing intuitive unlike primal clubbing, who seemed very likely candidates to get involved with LA21.

Now I just need to get LA21 members of all ages to roll up for the next tea dance in October!

Ok, I couldn’t help it, it’s not gardening, but there are a couple of images of the gourmet rum-soaked bundt and naked chocolate brownies displayed, provided at a 50% discount by the incredible bakers Lallapalosoa in Kingston. Every crumb was eaten. That had also never happened before.

@dancewoking and myself, @saidthedormouse, can be found on instagram, where LA21 has been thanked and on LinkedIn as Jacqueline (Cowhig) Holmes. Lallapalosa – believe they will post! – can be found here:

Just goes to show, when we can pull together, how very strong we are. And that’s something to hold on to tightly when times are tough.

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