Significant progress has been made during the past few months and the site is looking good for the summer. The pond has been cleared around the edges and overhanging trees have been cut back opening up the water. A family of moorhens have moved in and a kingfisher has been visiting on several occasions (see pictures). Green beetles, cardinal beetles and damsel flies have been seen. The wildflower area is flourishing and over 20 species of flowers have been identified. Three species of bumblebees, several species of moths and butterflies and other insects have been recorded.

Work will continue on site throughout the summer on the fourth Sunday of each month. Dates are; 23 June, 28 July, 25 Aug and 22 Sept. If you are interested in helping out then please contact us on our email or simply turn up on the day. We meet at the pond/copse area which is near to the new housing development on the south side. Work parties start at 10.00 and finish at 13.00. Refreshments are provided.

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