Swift, Bat and Town Twinning Sign

A swift, bat and town twinning sign was unveiled in Gloucester Square, Woking on August 1st. Designed by 51 architecture the sign is composed of three sections with nesting chambers for swifts and bats in the top section. The sign incorporates a system which plays calls to attract the swifts to the boxes and has webcams which give an insight into nest life by sharing pictures when the swifts have moved in. On the stone base are beautiful drawings of the migration of the swifts from Europe to Africa. You may also be interested the Operation Owl project managed by Woking LA21 which looks 22 owl nest boxes in the Woking area https://wokingla21.wordpress.com/operation-owl/and Woking Biodiversity https://interests.me/org/wokingla21/story/4078 part of Woking LA21 which cares for the environment including St John’s Lye and Millmoor Common.

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