Plastic Free Pledges-Party in the Park Woking July 6th 2019

We asked the public to complete plastic free pledges on luggage tags at Party in the Park at Woking Park July 6th 2019. This proved very popular especially among families. . Everyone who completed a pledge was given a raffle ticket and entered into an hourly raffle to win a travel mug. 150 plastic free pledges were completed. The main findings were 31 pledges to use a reusable bottle, 22 to use a reusable bag, 14 to buy food without plastic wrapping, 4 to refill household cleaners, 9 to change to shampoo or conditioner bars, 10 to change to bamboo toothbrushes, 10 to stop using straws or buy reusable straws, 5 to use reusable coffee mugs and one to buy a soda stream.

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