Volunteers donate 125 days to improving local biodiversity in 2020

Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, WeAct volunteers still contributed almost 880 hours of their time, or 125 days, helping to preserve and improve local wildlife in Woking in 2020.

Throughout the year more than 60 volunteers were able to go out in controlled numbers working at sites including:

  • St John’s Lye
  • Millmoor Common
  • Mayford Meadows
  • White Rose Lane
  • Waitrose car park
  • Sixth form college, Old Woking

Work carried out by the volunteers included planting wildflowers, removing invasive species, such as cherry laurel and Himalayan Balsam, and clearing woodland. A full report on 2020’s volunteer work party activities can be found here.

Sessions were also arranged for sixth form students from Byfleet and Woking Colleges, and for Woking youth forum members.

1 Comment

  1. Thank you – that makes very encouraging reading! I hope all our volunteers stay well enough to continue their valued work in 2021.

    Kind regards. Bea Shaw

    A grateful resident

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