Please sign the petition to oppose the cutting down of two London plane trees on Guildford Road Woking

Please can you help support me by signing the Petition to: To stop cutting down two London Plane Trees on Guildford Road as part of the widening of Victoria Arch. ] | Woking Borough Council to prevent the cutting down of two mature London Plane trees in Woking this year as part of the road widening on the A320. These two trees are situated on the island opposite the Sovereign Public House on Guildford Road. The trees help to capture some of the carbon emissions from the busy traffic flow on Guildford Road. In asking to have this petition signed I have the support of other members of the WEAct committee in promoting this petition. Thank you for your signature. Every signature counts.

Research shows that

a) London plane trees absorb more CO2 than any other trees

b) Guildford Rd between Mt Hermon Rd and York Rd is subject to pollution monitoring and regularly exceeds the acceptable levels of CO2 and other airborne pollutants that are harmful to health, especially for people with chest and breathing problems.

c) The council will claim to offset the destruction of these healthy mature 200 year old trees by planting hundreds of trees, these will be 1yr old saplings planted away from this location and so close together that most will die of strangulation.

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