Balsam Bashing at Mayford Meadows – Sunday 20 June

This Sunday (20 June 2021) marks the start of our balsam removal programme. We are meeting at the Mayford bridge end of the Meadows at 10am and will be there until 1pm. This is a gate on the Guildford Road next to the Drumming Snipe Restaurant/Pub and near to the Bird in Hand roundabout. There is plenty of parking in the road.

Due to the current Covid-19 part we will have to work in small groups, but there are plenty of areas on the Meadows to search.

To comply with restrictions can you please bring your own gardening gloves and flasks for a drink. It is also recommended that you wear long sleeved shirts/coverings and long trousers. This is because the balsam is often surrounded by nettles etc.

Trainers/boots would also be useful. Mobile phones should be brought if possible. Hats /sun cream should be considered if the weather is warm.

Over the past five years we have made considerable progress on the Meadows. Large areas previously affected have been cleared. We want to build on this success to eradicate this invasive species. The weather this year has been slow to take off and the balsam may not be as high as in previous years but we intend to make a start to get the ball rolling.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for the initial task force on Sunday.

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