Climate concerns raised in lobby session with Woking MP

Members of WEAct met with Woking MP Jonathan Lord to discuss a number of issues including the need for more energy efficient housing, sustainable transport options and local flooding concerns in the latest in a series of local climate lobby sessions.

Mr Lord (alongside Woking Borough Councillor Kevin Davies) agreed to follow up concerns of the group in a number of areas. WEAct particularly welcomed the commitment from Mr Lord to write to the Environment Minister George Eustice, emphasising the need for more stringent sustainability standards in housing to avoid expensive retrofitting in future.

Although the meeting was productive and Mr Lord and Councillor Davies were generous with their time, WEAct remain concerned about the pace of climate action. Although the Government has set ambitious climate targets, this is not being followed up by action at the required pace, as emphasised by the Committee on Climate Change.

WEAct will continue to push for urgent action on climate change and local environmental issues through the climate lobby meetings. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for updates on these meetings, including dates of future sessions, please e-mail

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