News from Millmoor Common

Norman the chairperson of Woking Environment Action volunteers at Millmoor Common. The following is news from Norman

On 20th June whilst collecting up the dry scythed nettles and tall grass I counted the wild flowers. I spotted different 28 species including Dog Rose, Red Poppy, Snapdragon, Corn Flower, Hedge Parsley, Elderberry, Ox Eye Daisy, Pink Campion, Convolvulus Major, Convolvulus Minor, White Vetch, White Dead Nettle, Dandelion, White Comfrey, Foxglove, Forget Me Not, Purple Water Thistle and Daisy. In some cases there were more than one subspecies including the yellow short buttercup, the tall buttercup and water buttercup which is growing on the surface of the shallow river by the flower bed.

Having spent a month of two hours a day scything , I thought the work was complete for 2021. Alas the heavy rain has seen masses of lush growth which needs to be reduced again, so another month’s exercise for me.

There are a small number of flowers appearing for the first year including the Dog Rose and Astildes (Meadowsweet) which had been shaded by the trees around the pond. These trees had shaded the pond so severely that there no plants in the pond when Woking Environment Action started to care for the site in 2014.

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