Updated Balsam clearing dates – Summer 2021

Our plans this year have been disrupted by the heavy recent rainfall and late growing conditions.

As a result, both sites at Mayford Meadows and White Rose Lane have been waterlogged and have been unworkable. Against this, the balsam has been late flowering so we have not lost too much time.

In Mayford Meadows we have been successful over the past few years in clearing areas. White Rose lane is still full of balsam and will be more difficult to get under control.

Some good news is that the Army will be in attendance there for one day and we have also received support from Affinity Water who are providing 150 hours of volunteering. We are going to use Affinity Water on the White Rose Lane site also. In view of these developments, we have revised our work party dates as follows:

Mayford Meadows

  • Sun 4 July
  • Sun 11 July
  • Sun 1 August

White Rose Lane

  • Sun 18 July
  • Sun 25 July
  • Sun 8 August
  • Sun 15 August
  • Sun 22 August

Just to confirm, the above dates are for our own volunteers.

The first session is on 4 July at Mayford. Sessions will start at 10.00 and finish at 13.00. You can attend any time within these hours. Please bring your own flasks, gloves and hats etc. We suggest you wear long sleeves and trousers as there will be some nettle/brambles in the areas. I will send date reminders before each session in due course.

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