Community Building

Woking Environment Action would like to share information with our supporters about a group called Trust The People. Trust The People is a group involved with community building and democracy. Trust The People run a free course about community building. More information is available at and on Instagram at trust.the.people.

A friend of Woking Environment Action has attended this course and found the course to be very interesting. The autumn community course run by Trust The People is starting again on September 27th. The two different course starting times are 18.00-20.00 BST on a Monday and 10.00-12.00 BST on a Thursday. The autumn course is on zoom . Please register at The course title is Trust the People Community Organising Course. The course spans across eight weeks and covers five different modules. At the end of the course the participants become part of a ‘Hive’ which is a small support group in which people put the skills and ideas they have learnt into practice.

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