What can Woking do to become a national climate leader – debate video

As part of Woking Great Big Green Week a climate debate took place on Friday 24 September, which focused around the topic of ‘What can Woking do to become a national climate leader?’

Chaired by Bronwen Smith-Thomas, Senior Campaigns Manager at WWF-UK, the panellists included Jonathan Lord, Woking MP; Nick Gardener, Head of Climate Action at The National Lottery Community Fund and Co-Founder of Semble, Outdoor Classroom Day and Backyard Nature UK; Woking Borough Councillor Kevin Davis, Portfolio Holder for Climate Change, Environment and Sustainability; Sean Rendell, Chief Operating Officer, ThamesWey; and Mel Hemmings, owner of Bare + Fair, a refillable station shop in Woking.

Consensus was that although there is good work taking place in Woking, the scale of the climate emergency demands that we do more faster. WEAct will be taking forward the issues raised with Woking Borough Council and Jonathan Lord MP.

To view the meeting please follow this link – Passcode: *y%yjd7L

A full transcript of the meeting chat can be found here.

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