Woking Community Fridge and Repair Shop

Being most concerned about the pressure of shortage of food among many Woking residents, Norman Johns our chairperson has recently seen how the issue has been tackled in Shewsbury. Norman has asked the manager of the Peacock’s Shopping Centre, if there is a unit he may be able to use for a Woking Fridge. The final confirmation from the owners is awated. We await a decision with crossed fingers.

His plan is in addition to the fridge to provide a hot meal for any folks on the streets in the evening and also to enable local residents to provide the type of services we knew years ago when there was an outside market near the old post office.

Services will include repair of electrical items e.g clocks , tool loan, welly boots and toy swap for children. Other services will include making greeting cards and pottery to order and many more services. The project will need lots of residents to take part in order that this fantastic venture can flourish.

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