The Woking Centre Community Fridge (WCCF)

Food insecurity and hunger takes several forms in our community. Norman Johns is leading the WCCCF project which opened last week in Woking. Woking Borough Council has provided Norman with an unit in 65 Commercial Way ( the old Oxfam Shop, next to Cafe Nero). This unit will house a large fridge where supermarkets, restaurants and individuals can donate unused food and where people in need can pick up any food within that fridge. In addition to the community fridge, Norman and his helpers are providing Mondays to Fridays , breakfast from 9am to 10am and dinner from 6pm to 9pm Also Saturdays and Sundays,breakfast is available from 9am to 10am

WCCF is still looking for volunteers with one or more of the following skills

Driving to collect items from supermarkets (and return container if necessary)

Cooking, cleaning, store keeping (i.e. awareness of what food is available, what food is required and what food needs to be disposed of)

Last, but not least, compassion and a sense of humour

Please contact Norman Johns directly : tel 0776 1221 310

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