Volunteering dates for Woking Biodiversity during 2022

A group of WEAct volunteers will be working on the following days as follows from 10:00 to 13:00

St John’s Lye: Sunday 29th of May, Wednesday 1st of June, Sunday 18th of September, Wednesday 5th of October, Sunday 16th of October, Wednesday 2nd of November, Sunday 20th of November, Wednesday 7th of December and Sunday 18th of December.

White Rose Lane: Sunday 19th of June, Wednesday 6th of July, Sunday 17th of July, Wednesday 3rd of August and Sunday 21st of August.

Additional dates can be arranged for White Rose Lane and Mayford Meadows during balsam removal between end of June to the end of August. We should also put aside 29th of May which is after the WEAct stall in Woking.

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