News from St John’s Lye

On Sunday 15th of May the group session at St John’s Lye concentrated on the wildflower area. In the south section we planted yellow rattle, red campion, lambs tail, and meadow geranium. We also sowed seeds of red campion, selfheal, white clover and a cornfield selection. Already there is evidence of comfrey, teasel, and willow wart developing. We now plan to allow this section to develop naturally over the summer months.

The north area of the field is flowering well. Red clover, common vetch, red campion, birds foot trefoil and white dead nettle are coming through. Pleased to report that six common carder bumble bees were spotted on the red clover and vetch. Butterflies were also present.

Many thanks to Janey, Andrew and Ian for providing the plugs and seeds. hopefully we are now starting to create some good wildflower areas.

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