Elderflower foraging walks in Woking Park

Two guided walks took place on Sunday 29th of May, led by Mary Tobin (@marymakesjam), as part of her Jammin project(http://jammin528558533.wordpress.com), making preserves from foraged and surplus fruit in aid of local charities. The walks were fundraising events for York Road Project http://www.yorkroadproject.org.uk), a registered charity defeating homelessness together in the local community.

Attendees learnt how to identify and forage elderflowers, comparing the appearance and scent of different samples spotted on the walk, and sharing recipes and details of other local locations where elderflowers could be found. The conversation broadened to other foraging opportunities, including a look at some mahonia(Oregon grape) growing in Woking park, although the fruit will not be fully ripe for another month or so.

Each attendee got to choose a jam taster, made with previously foraged elderflowers, to take home.

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