Update of work undertaken by the biodiversity group at White Rose Lane Nature Reserve 31st July 2022

On Sunday July 31st, the Woking Biodiversity group returned to White Rose Lane Nature Reserve to remove invasive Himalayan Balsam. The team made good progress in clearing more of the central area of the reserve, including many tall plants in bloom.

Balsam flowers between June and October, followed by seed pods that open explosively when ripe, dispersing the seeds up to 7m away. As noted on the RHS site, each plant can produce up to 800 seeds, which can remain viable for two years. Some plants grow along the Hoe Stream, so their seeds are transported further afield by water.

There is lots more to do at the Reserve, before the seed pods explode. New session dates will be advised shortly. Please contact woking.biodiversity@outlook.com for more information.

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