About Us

We are a voluntary group of individuals taking action locally on issues relating to climate change and sustainability. We have been in existence since 1994 and have some financial and administrative support from Woking Borough Council. All the projects and activities we conduct are as a result of suggestions by members and are led and co-ordinated by our voluntary members. 

Our History

The Woking Environment Action partnership with Woking Borough Council (WBC) began when Woking Local Agenda 21 was set up in 1994. It followed the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, which called for partnerships of local government with local communities to set a sustainable agenda for the 21st century. A WBC environmental co-ordinating officer was the link to LA21 and liaison group meetings (with elected councillors, WBC officers and LA21 steering group members) have provided a regular means of exchanging information and ideas. Some points on the evolution of the partnership are described below.

The Woking LA21 Action Plan produced in 1998 provided a blueprint for sustainability. ‘Active participation by Councillors in promoting sustainability has been a main contributer in achieving main-streaming of sustainability throughout the Council’s business activities.’ (quote from Beacon Status submission document 2004). A ten-year review of our original action plan showed that most of the actions were implemented by the Borough Council.

We have now renamed ourselves as Woking Environment Action, or more briefly, WEAct, to retain the spirit of the original Rio agenda, but to make the name more meaningful – demonstrating that we mean action!