About Us

We are a voluntary group of individuals taking action locally on issues relating to climate change and sustainability. We have been in existence since 1994 and have some financial and administrative support from Woking Borough Council. All the projects and activities we conduct are as a result of suggestions by members and are led and co-ordinated by our voluntary members.

How do we see Woking in 2020? (Our Vision)

A thriving town with a strong community spirit where residents, community groups, local businesses and the Council collaborate to allow everyone a sustainable and healthy quality of life. The community uses our planet’s resources fairly taking account of global and future needs.

How we will get there. (Our Mission)

We will build on the significant progress Woking LA21 has made so far.

Woking LA21 will encourage and help Woking community to live sustainably within our share of our planet’s resources for the benefit and wellbeing of present and future generations.

We will encourage the community to think differently about how we live our lives, and to adopt a way of living where quality of life improves as we reduce our impact on our planet.

Woking LA21 will strive to make Woking a leading light in sustainable communities where our footprint is significantly lower than the regional average.

Our Principles

Our actions will aim to:

  • Create a greater awareness of the urgency of action required on climate change.
  • Advocate the principle of “One Planet Living“.
  • Develop and promote a vision of how Woking could be by 2020.
  • Encourage greater participation in the democratic process.
  • Ensure that the less well-represented areas of the community are included in the process, particularly younger people who will inherit our world.
  • Create collaborative networking opportunities for individuals, groups and local businesses.
  • Stimulate effective local action with positive global impacts.
  • Distil good practice and disseminate it.
  • Influence local, regional and national policy.
  • Celebrate success by publishing achievements.

Key Actions

Woking LA21 members will adopt sustainable lifestyles and will support and encourage all members of our community to:

  • Adopt low- and zero-carbon lifestyles and technologies
  • Reduce consumption and waste (including water), and maximise re-usage and recycling.
  • Travel more sustainably (more walking, cycling, use of public transport; less driving and flying).
  • Value the local production of food and other necessary goods and services.
  • Protect and support improvements to green spaces and natural habitats to promote biodiversity.
  • Foster strong local communities by working together for the common good.
  • Participate in decision-making for the long-term needs of our communities and the environment.
  • Promote sustainable living to others.