Woking Biodiversity Group

St Johns

The Woking Biodiversity Group aims to improve biodiversity within Woking through practical work days, strategic partnerships and engaging and mobilising the local community. For latest updates, visit the Woking Environment Action main site. 

Read the Woking Biodiversity Partnership Mission and Objectives.

The Group brings together local residents with a keen interest in preserving and enhancing Woking’s green spaces for the benefit of biodiversity. You can read the group’s 2018 report here and the 2021 report at https://wordpress.com/post/wokingenvironmentaction.com/3711.

Volunteering dates for 2022 are listed below. Anyone wishing to join any group for the first time should email woking.biodiversity@outlook.com and leave your telephone number, so that the group leaders know to expect you and can give you more information about the day.

St John’s Lye management includes opening up paths, clearing invasive species such as cherry laurel and holly and saplings on the heathland. Creating areas for wild flowers to grow.

All sessions run from 10:00 to 13:00 although people are free to come and go as they please.

 St John’s Lye: Sunday 29th of May, Wednesday 1st of June, Sunday 18th of September, Wednesday 5th of October, Sunday 16th of October, Wednesday 2nd of November, Sunday 20th of November, Wednesday 7th of December and Sunday 18th of December.

For those attending at St John’s Lye, the party will meet on the tarmac road just past the children’s playground, near the small bridge. Feel free to turn up, we only ask that you bring your own gloves and drinks.

Mayford Meadows and White Rose Lane management is focused on the removal of invasive Himalayan Balsam each summer.

White Rose Lane: Sunday 19th of June, Wednesday 6th of July, Sunday 17th of July, Wednesday 3rd of August and Sunday 21st of August. Additional dates can be arranged for White Rose Lane and Mayford Meadows during balsam removal between end of June to the end of August.

Volunteer work parties

We are grateful to both Pirbright Army Recruiting Section, Affinity Water and LinkAble for holding work party volunteers during the summer.

If you wish to volunteer your services for any of the future working parties then please contact the Partnership by email on woking.biodiversity@outlook.com